Antique American Clocks

Supreme Art Nouveau Clock For Sale

Absolute Stunner by Gilbert. The "Orleans" mantel clock, c. 1910, has a beautiful molded glass case with gilded metal trim, front and rear bezels. The height is 11 inches and this fabulous lold work of art would be a focal point of your shelf. For larger image click HERE. SOLD

The Ansonia Zenith Mantel Clock

This beauty is an 8 day time and strike crystal Ansonia regulator, c 1914. The gilded brass and bronze case is in very nice condition with some wear to the gilding confined to the bottom rear. The height of this magnificent old antique Ansonia mantel clock is 15inches. The original gold wash is perfect on the Nouveau cast top and bottom. A stunning looking antique mantel clock for sale by Ansonia. SOLD

The Ansonia Emperor 3 Piece Crystal Regulator

This wonderful antique American mantel clock for sale, a top of the line of the Ansonia regulators for collectors, has actually outdone itself with this fine example. Normally the clock was sold without the benefit of side urns and without the gold gilding by Ansonia. This beauty is not only the upper tier of crystal regulators from Ansonia, but a very special model as it not only has the gold gilding, but the matching urns as well and may well be the only example of its kind. This beauty is from 1914 and in wonderful original and perfect condition, coming from the famed Miller collection of old treasures. The clock is 13 inches high, while the urns measure 12 inches. The vases are made of cut crystal. SOLD

Beautiful Ansonia Marchioness Mantle Clock

A great antique American timepiece in excellent working condition, eight day wind, in the classic Art Nouveau style. The face has Arabic numeral markers on a white porcelain dial. This is a stunning looking antique shelf clock whose name truly befits the way it looks. The case ornaments are gold plated with the case in clean plated bronze. The height of the Marchioness is 15.75". A truly gorgeous antique Ansonia beauty. Circa 1904. SOLD

Ansonia La Farge Royal Bonn For Your Shelf

This is a very pretty Ansonia antique shelf time keeper, with the famous Royal Bonn German porcelain body, and entitled "La Farge", circa 1895. It is just over 11 inches tall and has a shell style top with an open arch. This very pretty antique beauty has a brass back cover, correct Ansonia pendulum, a standing cathedral gong, and a signed 8 day round movement. SOLD

The Seth Thomas Orchid Number 0

The Orchid by the Seth Thomas Clock Co. is a simple old timekeeper, yet lovely 8 day time and strike oval crystal regulator. This c 1913 pretty piece has the original porcelain dial which is in perfect condition. The approximate height is 9.5 inches. SOLD

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The Magnificent Gilbert Art Nouveau Crystal Regulator c 1910
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