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Some additional Art Deco Clocks for sale. If you put your mouse over any of the images they will enlarge.

Rare White Anniversay Clock By Schatz

This lovely and unique white 400 day anniversary clock only needs to be wound once a year and as the title goes on its anniversary of the last time wound. It is a very pretty clock with the balls rotating left and then right as its virtually perpetual pendulum. A great mantle clock or bedroom clock as it is very silent. The clock measures 12 inches high and 8 inches in diameter. These type of German clocks are becoming highly prized and very collectable. Price: UPON REQUEST


Stunning German Hermle Mantle Clock

This high quality clock in an absolute beautifull cosmetic condition and working perfectly! Having a windable original movement which is extremely silent, this lovely clock from the Black Forest region of German and since inception in 1922, Hermle has become one of the world's leading clockmakers. It's fully made of Palisander , a rare multi colored Brazilian rosewood, with brass accents. The front has curved glass, which opens at the side. This mantle clock has classic fifties lines. It is 7.1 inches tall, 7.5" wide and 3.5" deep. SOLD

Mid Century Modern Orfac

A beautiful design in the Mid Century Modern style by Orfac company from The Netherlands. You can see the pendulum swing through a hole in the Oak-wooden and brass frame. One of the nice things about the mid century clocks is that the running of them is smoother and easier to set up then the older ones from the Deco era and prior. The slim design of this clock makes it timeless, though it's about 60 years old! It is a great looking Mid Century Modern design that could have been done today, rather than 60 years ago. SOLD

Striking Kienzle Mid Century Modern

This beauty can be used in hanging position or on a mantle. It is constructed with a beutiful wood finish and brass ring and hands. For those less adventurous it is battery run. Either location it makes a stunning design statement from one of Germany's most famous clock makers. The clock dates from the fifties-60's. The clock measures 12" tall, by 10" high and 2" deep. There is an open face without glass and stunning to look at. Classic Mid Century Design. SOLD

Eames Era Modern Nufa From Netherlands

The pendulum and all other brass accents are like they're made yesterday.The case is comprised of a high gloss two color wood finish with a curved glass door.The movement is an 8 day pendulum driven one and keeping excellent time. You would never believe that this clock is about 60 years old, but it is another beautiful and stylish example of Mid Century Modern. This mantle clock is 8 1/4" wide by 9 1/4" tall and 3" deep. SOLD

1949 Anniversary Clock From Germany

This is a highly unique anniversary 400 day wind clock as it contains a black face with raised gold numbers. It was manufactured in post war Germany by Kern & Sohne. It is in excellent antique condition and was recently overhauled with new sprint as well as being cleaned and oiled. The Hight is 11 inches and width about seven. SOLD


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Unique All White Schatz 1950s
Antique Deco mantle clocks Hermle c 1950-60ss collectible and decorative collectible and decorative Stylish Hermle collectible and decorative heinrich moeller Eames Era Orfac heinrich moeller collectable High Styled Orfac French Faiance Wall Clock 1890s Eames Style by Kienzle french desk Eames Style With Quartz Mech. Jungans Dutch Nufa 1960 Nufa 1960 German 400 Day 1949 Anniversary Clock
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