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Here are more French and German Art Deco Clocks for sale. If you put your mouse over any of the images they will enlarge.


Kienzle Art Deco Desk Clock

This is a stunning circa 1930's, Art Deco German desk clock by Kienzle. It is made of brass and tinted glass in the "machine age Bauhaus style". It Measures 5.9 inches wide, by 4.3 inches high and 1.9 inches deep. This stunning Art Deco antique desk clock has a full eight day wind and will grace any desk, shelf or mantle with the style and elegence of the 1930's. This is a unique Art Deco clock, a classic example of the period and meant for the finist of locations. SOLD


Kienzle Art Deco Moeller Clock

If you like clocks with a unique look, this unique and stylish Art Deco Bauhause design by Heinrich Moeller, for Kienzle, is for you. It is a gorgeous German Bauhaus Art Deco clock with brass on a lovely light colored wood case. It has a two tone wood case that is square and is in excellent working order with an eight day wind. This Art Deco clock is approximately 11" wide by 8.7" tall and 2.4" deep. Circa 1930's. SOLD

Chrome And Bakelite Art Deco Clock

This is a lovely Bakelite 1930's Art Deco clock by Metamic, with the classic look of the period. The face possesses a molded chrome bracket and is then attached to an elongated plinth with Chrome feet. The face has a silver chapter ring with large Roman numerals and an outer segmented minute ring, The hands are brass straight in design and are covered with a large domed glass front with a shiny chrome bezel. While this Art Deco clock case was made in England the inside works are German, with an 8 day spring balance movement made for the English market and still has the original instruction label on the casing. Its wound from the rear with a time adjust and a regulator. This Art Deco cutie is approximately 7 inches high and wide,and with a depth of 3 inches. SOLD

1930s Art Deco Desk Clock With Quartz Movement

1930's Smiths of England Art Deco Desk Clock now with a brand new battery operated modern quartz movement. You can have the look of the original Art Deco clock with the functionality of a new modern day clock. This is a very pretty clock from the period and is not a replica. This lovely Art Deco clock is approximately 6 inches wide and four inches tall. Price: SOLD

Heinrich Moeller Deco Clock By Kienzle

This is a fabulous Art Deco Kienzle clock designed by the "Meister", Hieinrich Moeller and is made of ebonized wood and brass which is gilded in gold and possesses an 8 day wind. It dates from the mid 1930's and has a look of the prior generation's clocks due to the gilding, rare in Art Deco clocks, but nevertheless clearly in the unmistakable Bauhaus Art Deco design. This Art Deco clock measures 11 inches wide by 9 inches tall and about 2 inches deep. This is truly a unique looking clock for this or any era. An outstanding artistic design by Heinrich Moeller. SOLD

Bauhaus Deco Design By Bayard

Bayard is one of the premier names in French clocks and this one is an Art Deco desk clock made of Bakelite with chrome trim. Bakelite was the precurser of plastics as we know it today, and in the Deco days of the 20s and 30s, Bakelite and Chrome were considered very chic. The avant guard Bauhaus design of this Art Deco clock is very typical of the era and mirrors the skysrapers of NYC and the capitols of the world. This Art Deco clock has an alarm feature and is approximately 8.8 inches wide by close to 5 inches tall. It is running fine and the wind is approximately 3-4 days. SOLD


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Antique Deco mantle clocks
Unique Machine Age Art Deco c 1930's
Antique Deco mantle clocks Art Deco Bauhaus Clock By Moeller collectible and decorative collectible and decorative Art Deco By Heinrich Moeller collectible and decorative heinrich moeller Chrome And Bakelite Deco heinrich moeller collectable Art Deco By Heinrich Moeller French Faiance Wall Clock 1890s 1930s Art Deco Clock With Modern Quartz Movement french desk Art Deco Clock By Smiths Of England c 1930s Jungans Art Deco Circa 1935 Gilded Brass And Wood Art Deco Circa 1935 Heirich Moeller Meister Art Deco Circa 1930s By Bayard French Bauhaus Art Deco
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