Antique Mantel Clock Purchasing

When Selling Your Antique Mantel Clock

When you contact us please include clean and clear photos of all sides, top and bottom of your antique mantle or carriage clock. Please also include a clean and clear photo of the inside of the clock showing the mechanism along with any and all markings that will be legible to us in your photos. If you have a carriage clock we will need to see a clean and clear photo of the top of it, with handle down. Please also state all of the conditions that require repair on your antique mantle or carriage clock, to the best of your ability and state if the clock is running or not. Please advise if a pendulum is it original to your clock and does it have matching numbers on it to the clock. Please provide us with the price that you are seeking for your clock. You may email us your photos and description to: ira1942 (at) yahoo dot com. Please note: We do not offer appraisal services.

If We Purchase Your Clock

You will need to carefully pack and ship your antique mantle clock or carriage clock, in order to protect it during its travel to us. Some larger and heavier clocks may need to be partially broken down, due to size and weight and we can discuss that with you prior to shipping to us. The pendulum must be removed from your antique mantel clock and packed separately from the antique clock, along with its key, should you have one, in order to prevent any damage to the clock from its movement while shipping.

Packing Your Mantle Clock

The following materials are recommended should you decide to sell and therefore ship to us. Do not look for shortcuts here as you will be responsible should your antique mantle clock arrive damaged. Half inch best quality bubble wrap, one inch foam core and double walled cartons will be required. We recommend that you wrap the entire clock at least three to four times around all areas with the bubble wrap, securing it with tape. If it is a regulator style or four glass clock, Chris- cross the panes with blue painters tape and gently stuff bubble wrap under the mechanism and inside the clock to support the mechanism during travel. Place your antique mantle clock into the carton. Fill any open spaces with bubble wrap or foam core and seal. DO NOT USE PEANUTS! They make a mess and do not protect very well. Place the box inside a larger box lined with foam core on bottom, top and all sides. Seal carton with packing tape and cover all areas that are open with several layers of tape. Think as if you are making an Egyptian Mummy. Safe is better than sorry, especially if you want to receive money for an antique mantle clock in the condition you are sending it in. INSURE your mantle or carriage clock for the amount of the sale. We will not be responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping and insurance is your only guarantee that you will be covered in the event that there is damage.

Payment By Us To You

Remember please, that the price you ask and will eventually receive will not resemble those on our web site. Not only is there a wide variety of makers and a further variety of what they made, as well as the condition to consider, we may not be able to sell your clock after our investment for a year or two. We do this for profit and if it is not profitable we do not do it. Once we receive and inspect your antique mantle clock and verify that it is as you have described, payment shall be sent to you by over night courier or bank wire, should you so chose, within three days of receipt of your clock. Should your clock not be as described, we may opt to ship it back to you at your expense.


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