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Large French Repeater

Stunning Large French brass carriage clock with alarm, and one-hour repeat, with Corniche style case, in fine condition. The porcelain dial is mint and the four long beveled glasses are perfect but the top oval glass has a minor flake within the beveled edge. This is usual for its age and we can replace with new at no cost to you, but many like the original glass and this is hardly noticeable. The carriage clock strikes on the hour and half hour and the repeater mechanism strikes the hour. This clock runs fine and has a nice French key included. The size is 3 ½” wide X 5 ¼” tall (plus handle) X 3” deep. SOLD


Classic French Carriage Repeater

Fancy Large French antique carriage clock from the turn of the last century and with a Corniche style case. This stunning carriage clock possesses an eight day, time, strike, and repeat function. Push the button on top and it strikes the previous hour. The oversize brass case is 7"high, it is clean, original, and has five perfect beveled glasses. It is running and striking on a large coil gong on the back of the movement. The round porcelain dial is perfect, has the correct hands and the dial surround is the highly sought after brass with embossing. Circa 1890sPrice: SOLD

Jacot Repeater Circa 1890's

This is a very rare and Fine French carriage clock with an “Anglais” case, repeating on the hour and half hour. This magnificent carriage clock is by the famed Paris clock maker Henri Jacot. It chimes the hours and half-hours on a blued-steel gong and the repeater button chimes the last hour or half hour. The authoritative book, “ Carriage Clocks, their History and Development” by Charles Allix and Peter Bonnert has much to say about Henri Jacot, as “probably the best of the Paris producers of carriage clocks towards the end of the 19th century.” This clock’s dial is a very pale ivory with beautiful stylized Arabic numerals and blued-steel spade hands. Inside the numbers circle is a bold inner ring line also typical of Jacot. The dial is surrounded by a mask that I would describe as frosted silvery gold. The mask, dial and hands are in perfect condition with original escapement. The clock stands 7 3/8 inches tall with the handle raised and about 5 ½ inches high with the handle down. The case is 4 inches wide at the base, 3 ½ inches at the midsection, and 3 ½ inches deep at the base with the clock weighing 4 ½ pounds. SOLD

French Repeating Carriage Clock

This is a beautiful and very clean eight day, time, strike, and repeat, Anglaise style carriage clock. The brass case is near perfect, bright, clean, and original. It features five perfect beveled glasses, a perfect porcelain dial, and an original pair of hands. It looks as if almost new. It is a large carriage clock repeater, standing seven inches high, and striking on a coil gong affixed to the movement plate, and by pushing the button on top, it repeats the last hour it struck. This is a wonderful Circa 1890 clock and running great. SOLD

French Large Repeater

French eight day carriage clock, with time, chime, and repeat, in a Corniche Style case, ca 1885. This antique carriage clock has a very nice brass case 7" tall, complete and all original. The movementis running, striking half hours and hours, and repeats the hours when the button on top is pressed. The movement is not signed but the perfect porcelain dial is signed, by an English retailer of the day. The case has five beveled glasses, with an oval atop and all in perfect condition. SOLD.

Charming Brass Repeater

French eight day carriage clock, time, chime, and repeat, ca 1880. This simple and charming carriage clock, with Corniche case, standing 6¼" high and all original with a lovely curved handle. The movement is in excellent running condition. The move-ment is not signed, but is very clean.The dial is signed, “Bailey Banks & Biddle / Philadelphia”. It has a Perfect porcelain dial and nice pair of French hands. The glass is all perfect. The repeat function is working properly, the clock strikes on half hours and hours. SOLD.






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french mantel
Stunning French Repeating Carriage Clock Circa 1880
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