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Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator #1

This is a really nice and dependable brass and glass, antique American mantle clock by Seth Thomas with an eight day time and strike. This antique American mantel clock has been well cared for and in excellent original condition. It is the Empire Number 1 Crystal Regulator from 1907. The glass panels are perfect and without cracks or chips and the porcelain dial is also in the same condition. The mercury pendulum is complete and ticking away with the strike side also working as it should. This is an excellent Seth Thomas mantle clock for a very limited investment and just a really nice example of an early American mantel clock. The height is 11", width 6.75" and depth 5.5". Price: SOLD

Waterbury Mini Stroller Repeater

This is beautiful brass antique American mantle clock and is a wonderfully restored Waterbury clock called the Stroller. It is a miniature repeater carriage clock, C 1900 in the Art Nouveau style. It's complete and original, with an excellent brass case, porcelain dial, beveled glass, and with a good running one day movement. The clock measures 4 3/4" high X 3 3/8"wide X 2 1/2"deep. If you like small and pretty, this lovely antique carriage clock can grace your bedside or desk with its attractive and distinctive styling. SOLD

Waterbury Sage Repeater

This is a rare Waterbury Clock Co. eight day Sage model C 1906 carriage clock repeater. It's complete and original and has an excellent porcelain dial, with beveleled glass along with a jeweled movement, making it one of the better and more sought after Waterbury clocks of its day. This carriage clock measures 5 3/4"high X 3"wide X 2 1/2"deep and would be a lovely adornment to your bedside or desk. Price: SOLD

Ansonia Elysian Regulator

This is an Ansonia antique mantle clock and a crystal regulator, entitled the "Elysian", circa 1914. It has a good looking 16.5 inch tall case and is finished in Syrian Bronze, a dark copper finish, and it has retained the original finish very well. The beveled glasses are perfect and without chips. This Antique Ansonia regulator mantle clock has a one piece porcelain dial and is signed along the bottom and the hands are correct. It has an eight day signed movement, strikes the half hours and hours on a hanging cathedral gong. There are imitation mercury fillers in the pendulum. An excellent and very pretty Ansonia antique mantle clock. SOLD

Ansonia Viscount Regulator

This regal antique mantle four glass crystal regulator by the Ansonia Clock Company, is entitled the "Viscount", c 1904. This is a special Ansonia antique mantle clock because of its good original gold wash and polished brass. Normally cases of this type will show either considerable wear or tarnish, but this one has neither. Otherwise what you may come across is one that has been re-plated. This one is all original and therefore a rare find in this condition. The case is 16 inches high, has four beveled glasses that are perfect. It has a standing cathedral gong, correct imitation mercury pendulum, signed 8 day movement that is running perfectly and striking the gong. There is a two piece porcelain dial which is signed, hands that are correct and the brass open escape mechanism and all dial rings are perfect. This type of antique mantle clock is a rare and stunning looking find in this all original condition. For larger image click HERE. SOLD

Ansonia "Crest"

A magnificent antique American mantel clock in excellent working condition, eight day wind, in the classic Louis XV style. The face has Arabic numeral markers on a white finish dial, signed ''Manufactured by Ansonia Clock Co. New York, USA'', contained in a gilt metal case having scrolled leaf decoration and fitted with a Putti finial. There is a very small nick on porcelain face at top, but not very noticeable and does not distract from the clock's appeal. This beautiful looking clock is approximately 12 1/4'' in height. SOLD.

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antique american mantel clock
Seth Thomas Crystal Regulator c 1907
antique american mantel clock Waterbury Stoller c 1900 ansonia, decorative, pendulum, collectible ansonia, decorative, pendulum, collectible Waterbury Stroller c 1900 ansonia, decorative, pendulum, collectible seth thomas, collectable Waterbury Sage c 1906 seth thomas, collectableWaterbury Sage Repeater c 1906 seth thomas, collectable c 1914 Ansonia Elysian Mantel Clock c 1914 Ansonia Elysian Mantel Clock c 1904 Ansonia Viscount Mantle Clock c 1904 Ansonia Viscount Mantle Clock 1904 Ansonia Crest Mantel Clock 1904 Ansonia Crest Mantel Clock
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